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So you want pictures taken?




So you want pictures taken?

  1. How do I set up a consult?

    You can set up a consult in many different ways: 

    Call me: 616.835.0765 
    Email me: [email protected]

    or fill out this inquiry form!

  2. How do I book a session?

    Well, the consult went great and you want to book a time with me. 

    Well, first I'll check my calendar and we'll set up a time that works perfect for us both and I'll meet you at the location we'll discuss. 

    Weddings will require a $100 non-refundable booking fee. 

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  1. Do I need to bring props?

    While bringing your own props are not required it is always nice to have something personal in a photo you are getting taken. Musical instruments, animals, toys, blankets... anything personal that shows off you and your personality that you want to display can be incorporated in your session and will turn out amazing!

    But don't feel obligated; your photos will turn out amazing anyway!

  2. What is the best time of day to schedule a session?

    Since the midday sun leaves harsh shadows, anything between 11am and 7pm in the summertime isn't optimal unless there is enough shade or it is overcast. In which case, any time of the day works. The last thing anyone wants in their photos is squiny eyes. 

    I like to schedule early in the morning around 9 am or in the evening around 7:30-8pm. Weekends work best for early. 

  3. How long will a session take?

    I've had sessions that have taken 30-45 minutes that have felt like hours and I've had sessions that have taken 2+ hours that have felt like only a few minutes. It depends on the subject and how long it would take for everyone to feel comfortable with eachother. Come with a good attitude and a smile and it shouldn't take more than about an hour. Make sure baby/kids are well rested, fed, burped, and clean and all should be well, but I understand you can't control when they are just having a bad day.  Also, if your child is wary of strangers, it might take some time for them to get used to me as well. 

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  1. What should I wear?

    Your choice of clothing is important in a portrait. Here are some guidelines to help you decide if you can't figure it out. 

    ~Wear something simple, solid and neutral. These photograph best.

    ~Denim or khaki is the perfect casual look. Paired with a solid color shirt is best. 

    ~Avoid busy patterns or logos. These can distract the eye and detract from the subject. No one wants that. 

    ~IRON! Make sure everything is in tip-top shape when you put it on. You can't unwrinkle a photo. 

    ~Tons of jewelry is a no-no. A simple necklace or earrings is fine. Too much bling is just too much!

    ~Don't clash with your family! For family portraits, everyone should wear something similar or in the same tonal range so no one stands out from the crowd. Plan Ahead! Don't try to put something together the morning of!

    ~Babies are cute in their skin. just a diaper or even their birthday suit is just perfect. Parents, if you want photos with baby then dress in solid, darker colors to help baby stay the focus. 

    ~Avoid getting your hair cut just days before your session. A fresh cut will show up on camera and might look awkward. Women:1-2 weeks before. Men just 5-7 days. 

    ~Just Keep It Simple! Classic photos will look great on your walls for years to come. Clothing/Color/Hair trends come and go all the time. Keep that in mind. 

    But no matter what, stay true to yourself. If you are the brightly colored, busy pattern kind of person, then bring it. I'll make it work! 

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  1. When do I pay?

    Payment is due at the time of the session. 

    Larger fees, such as those for weddings or senior portraits, can be set up to where you pay for them in 2-3 installments:

    ~When photos are finished. 

    This is something we can figure out in detail during a pre-session consult. 

  2. How do I pay?

    I accept cash or personal check. 

    Also, if you are so inclined, you may click the "make a donation" paypal buttton to the right and pay through paypal. 

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  1. How long until my pictures are ready?

    The turnaround between the session and your photos are ready for online review is 10-14 days. Sometimes I get them done before that, but I don't want you to think "Oh, it's been 10 days... she must not be working on them." because I promise you that I am. You're important to me and I'll work my tail off til they are ready! 

    Large events such as weddings may take a little longer to finish . This is something that will be discsussed our consultation. 

  2. How do I see them online?

    Your pictures will be in a password protected online gallary that will be only visible to me, you and anyone you choose. I will not give out any of your information or share your pictures until you've seen them. 

    Please note though that I will take a couple of them and post them on facebook or on this website as a "preview" because I know how hard it is to wait! 

  3. How do I get them printed?

    Well, your package will probably come with a cd of your photos. If not, one will be available to purchase. 

    This disk will include all of the pictures you will see in your online album, but without the watermarks and will be larger dimentions. 

    You will also get a print release so you can take the disk to a printer and they will make you copies. 

    HOWEVER, for roughly the same price, you and I can get together and decide what you want printed and what sizes and I'll order you high quality prints for roughly the same price as most other printers. 

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  1. What is the difference between Custom and Family Photography?

    Recently I was asked the question "Why did I pay $100 for a family session when it only lasted 1 hour and I could have paid $50 for custom?

    Well, that's $50/hour. If our session went over that 1 hour, it would have cost you more. Also, with a custom session, the photo cd with print release costs extra. In your family session, the photo cd is included. Family sessions are unlimited time. You could have me for as long as you need to get as many shots as you and I want. 

    And like stated before, any party over 5 is considered a family. 

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